Double Headed Dragon Black Leather Bracelet

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$ 25.00 
Regular (22 CM / 8.5 Inc / Black

Dragons traditionally symbolize potent and auspicious powers, particularly control over water, rainfall, typhoons, and floods. The dragon is also a symbol of power, strength, and good luck for people who are worthy of it.  

The dragons face each other and the clasp opens and closes in one of the dragon's mouth with a snap clasp.

Double Headed Dragon Bracelet Clasp


This sturdy bracelet is Simple and Stylish.  This bracelet is bold and good for any occasion.  The clasp is secure.

The lock is simple and sturdy.

Material: Leather and Alloy

Fits a wrist size of 8.5 Inches  - with extender rings, all lobster claw bracelets can be made to fit a larger wrist - in the notes section of your order, identify how large a wrist you need to fit and we will send the correct amount of extenders

Weight: 1.6 Ounces

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